Creative Communications Consultants prides itself on offering clients links to some of the best communications talent and resources available in and outside Atlanta. Following is a sample list of some of the companies we do business with on behalf of our clients.

Graphic & Digital Design:

Troy King

Jessica Karp

Mike Andriola

Betsy Burts

Brand Activation:
John Piester, Red Peg Marketing
Media, Communications & Leadership Training:
Jeff Bloch

Randy Siegel

Jay Thomas

Chia Chong

Ann States

Renee Brock

Digital, Film & Video Production:
Nate Haskell

Craig Miller

Food & Prop Stylists:
Thom Driver
Portfolio: click here

Libbie Summers

Tara Bench

Angie Mosier

Advertising & Digital Marketing:
Scout Marketing

Sherpa Global

Marketing Research:
The Bantam Group

Deep Blue Insight

Media Planning & Buying:

Conquer Media

Creative Communications has a secret recipe for success and, while no one can guess the exact ingredients, one can easily surmise it involves equal parts experience and drive, one part wisdom, a dash of ingenuity and a pinch of creativity. Whatever the recipe, it equals results for their clients! The success of The Elf on the Shelf is due in no small part to this company and the amazing team behind it. We can't say enough wonderful things about what they have done for our product, our company and our brand.”
Christa Pitts
Chief Operating Officer
CCA and B Publishing
The Elf on the Shelf